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What's a Shampoo Bar?

We’ve ditched the wasteful plastic bottles and the harsh sulfates typically found in the market used to create their wash. Here at Green Living Soap we use tender coconut and sugar-based surfactants. Rather than stripping your hair of all its natural oils our properly balanced ph bars will bath your hair in a rich frothy mass of healthy bubbles leaving your hair silky, soft, and clean with no residues or harsh irritants! 

Most Liquid shampoos on the market today are 80% water and 20% shampoo where our bars are 100% shampoo! My earth friendly shampoo bars contain 100% active ingredients and this little bar packs a long-lasting punch, scented with natural oils and boast helpful vitamins for your hair, also great for traveling, hiking, or just saving the planet!

How many washes can I get from a Shampoo Bar?

Typically, for the 1.4 oz bar approximately 30-50 washes, depending on how often you use it or the length of your hair.

How to use? 

Direct on your hair ~ simply wet your hair and move the bar around making lots of fluffy creamy bubbles then rinse.


Create the lather on your hand ~ rub the wet bar between your hands to create a nice lather, using your fingers like a comb, smooth the lather along your hair. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse completely. 

It can also be used as soap for the face and body.

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