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Straight Razor

Straight Razor

SKU: Straight Razor

Black Stainless Steel Straight Razor • Double Edge Blades | A Premium Choice For Your Sharp Look!


Introduce the sleek back design, carbon-coated stainless steel gives it a stunning look and feel, comes with a black PU case.


Straight razor shaving is making a comeback. Men have been shaving with straight razors for hundred years. Straight razors last multiple lifetimes, and can become a family heirloom. You can enjoy a comfortable shave without any rust or smudges after usage, plus it's environmentally sustainable.

    • Packaging:

      Sustainable Packaging. Ready to ship in 1 business day. 

    • Note:

      Double Edge Blades can be divided into 2 blades, as half blades for the folding straight razor.

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