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Paper Cardboard Tubes

Paper Cardboard Tubes

SKU: 7.6 oz paper tubes


  1. 1.4 oz (40 ml) Tube, Length 2.75".
  2. 2.0 oz (60 ml) Jar, Length 1.4".
  3. 2.5oz (74 ml) Tube, Length 4.7".
  4. 5.0 oz (147 ml) Tube, Length 1.96".
  5. 7.5 oz (221 ml) Tube, Length 3.44".


Matte Black.


Beard Balm/Deodorant/Solid Lotion/Salve.

• 100% reduction in plastics.
• 3-pieces, Top-Fill, Push-up Style.
• Tubes/Jars are sold empty, without product stickers.


These matte black Paper Cardboard Tubes are designed for no messy top fill & push-up style, made of sustainable and reusable material, naturally, recyclable, compostable cardboard, sturdy with strong, tough heavy duty thick bottom round disc, special inner oil proof shield just made for all your DIY skin care products, deodorant, solid perfume or body lotion sticks.


100% recyclable tubes are a great eco friendly alternative to tubes made from petroleum based plastics. Lightweight but yet sturdy and plastic free, more environmentally friendly way to hold your natural homemade goodies.


You will get 10pk.

  • Shipping:

    Eco Friendly Packaging. Ready to ship in 1 business day. Most orders placed prior to 7AM CST ship same business day.

  • Materials:


  • How to use:

    Gently Push the bottom disc with your finger from the bottom in an upward direction, a soft push, the circular disc will glide up easily. 

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