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Leather Care Brush Set

Leather Care Brush Set

SKU: Shoe Shine brush set of 4

Leather Care • Shoe Shine Brush | Black Walnut Handle | Super Soft Horsehair


Set of 4 keep your leather or shoes good looking!

Super Soft Bristles!

2x Large Shoes Shine Brush (1 Black 1 Gray bristles)
2x Mini Applicator Brush (1 Black 1 Gray bristles)


• Leather Surface Care.
• Vinyl Surface Care.
• Upholstery Care.
• Beard Care.
• Shoe Shine.

Our Black Walnut Leather Care Brush Set uses horse bristles, hairs are sorted out by hand using special combing tool to prevent any rough hairs or stray, crooked bristles, manual trimming and cutting, extremely soft, extremely gentle, without scratching the surface of your fine leather goods, excellent performance for any finish surfaces.


Our leather and shoe care brushes are made with black walnut, hand-picked, sanded, polished, and varnished to a rustic finish, then engraved with our exclusive branding. It's compact, modern, lightweight, and perfect for cleaning and shining your leather goods, shoes, boots, backpacks, wallets, car seats, and furniture. Anti-static, strong water absorption.

  • Materials:

    Black Walnut, Horsehair Bristles

  • Note:

    Walnut naturally grows in various shades of brown, wood grain varies, however, most pieces are medium to dark brown.

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